Programs for children 6 and over

‚ÄčBefore you go, you should know:

  • Art programs can be messy. We recommend not wearing new or expensive clothes to programs.
  • Clean indoor shoes are required for sports and dance programs.
  • Ice programs: CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory for everyone on the ice. This includes a full mask for participants under the age of 18.

To search for a course:

  • Enter the course code from the activeOshawa Recreation Program Guide into the Course ID# field.
  • Enter the title of the course into the Search field. Returned results will include your searched word(s) from course titles and course descriptions. 

Tips when searching for a course:

  • Each filter option does not need to be entered to complete a search. Leaving all filter options unselected will display all available courses.
  • Hold the "Ctrl" key and click to select multiple values or to remove a selection.
  • Select the Reset button to clear all information entered in the filter options.

For more information on our recreation programs, or to view the latest activeOshawa Recreation Program Guide, visit activeOshawa registered programs.