Recreation Inclusion Support Program

How do I know if inclusion support is required?
Inclusion support may be beneficial if the participant:

  • receives additional support at school
  • receives support at home for basic care
  • engages in behaviour that could affect the safety of themselves or others
  • is associated with a support agency
Requesting Inclusion Support:
For skating, swimming and camps please register with the corresponding inclusion code.

For all other requests register for the program of choice and contact the Inclusion Coordinator at 905-436-3311 ext. 2620 or

Participant information prior to start of programs:
To help ensure success participants will need to completed and return the following forms, which can be found at or by request at any recreation facility.

  • Confidential Participant Information
  • Consent to Care (if required)
  • Outside Support Worker Release (if required)
  • Medication Administration Request (if required)
  • Consent for Assistance in Administering an Epi-Pen (if required)