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Recreation Inclusion Support Program:

The City of Oshawa is dedicated to providing accessible and inclusive recreation opportunities for participants of all abilities. 1:1 or 1:2 inclusion support can be requested for any program listed in the activeOshawa Recreation Program Guide. Requests are fulfilled in order of request and based on the availability of appropriate inclusion staff. Support is not guaranteed. Participants may provide their own support staff if desired. 

How do I know if inclusion support is required?

  • Participant receives additional support at school.
  • Participant receives support at home for basic care.
  • Participant engages in behaviour that could impact the safety of themselves or others.
  • Participant is associated with a support agency.

Participant information prior to start or programs:

To promote success, all participants who access inclusion services are required to complete and return a Participant Information Form, which can be found at or by request from any recreation facility. 

For more information about inclusion support, visit

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Tips when searching for a course:

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